Arrival Pick-up

Arrival Pick-up & Premium Parking Prices

  Parking Terms & Conditions
Stay time Rates arrival curbside
Up to 10 minutes (1) Gratis
Up to 29 minutes (1) 27 HRK
Up to 59 minutes 54 HRK
Up to 2 hours 63 HRK
Up to 3 hours 95 HRK
From 3 to 6 hours 105 HRK
From 6 to 12 hours 149 HRK
From 12 to 24 hours 203 HRK
Up to 48 hours 284 HRK
From 3rd to 5th day each additional day* 97 HRK
From 6th day each additional day* 92 HRK

Lost Ticket, 800 HRK

* VAT included.

  •  Customer is free to leave parking area in 10minutes time without verification of parking card.
  • After exceeding 10 minutes free-time, the staying time will be calculated from time of entry, including these first 10 minutes.
  • This ticket is valid 15 minutes after payment in order to enable you to your  vehicle from car park.
  • Stated rates are actual parking prices, without promotional prices.
  • No Day tickets are available.
  • Vehicle restrictions: vehicles longer than 6 meters, with trailer or with more than 9 seats including the driver's cannot be used in relation to the above parking services. Please go to B2B car park Coach zone (area dedicated for Tourist buses and shuttles).
  • Day in the sense of this Price List represents the period of 24 hours starting from the exact time of entrance in the Car Park, indicated on parking ticket. Every following day represents the next following period of 24 hours which began after the expire of the previous 24 hours.
  • In case the parking card is lost, a charge of 800 Kunas, non reimbursable, will be applied.


Invoice R-1 is issued ONLY by identifying yourself and showing your parking ticket upon payment AT PARKING PAYMENT DESK IN THE PASSENGER TERMINAL ARRIVALS (Ground Floor) and stating it in advance. Retroactive issuance of Invoice R1 is NOT POSSIBLE at all.