Kiss & Fly Zone

The Kiss & Fly drop-off point provides passenger's direct access to the Passenger Terminal building, which quickly guides them to airport Departures area. Simply follow the signs for Departures. Upon entering the Airport there are signs informing you of the Departure’s location. You can also find this information here.
Utilization of the Kiss & Fly area ultimately results in less roadway traffic and congestion, less air pollution and more car fuel savings.


Kiss & Fly Rates

  Parking Terms & Conditions
Stay time Rates departure curbside
Up to 10 minutes (1) Gratis
Up to 29 minutes (1) 27 HRK
Up to 59 minutes 54 HRK
From 60 minutes onwards  Not available. Fine is 150 HRK.
Car shall be removed by Police.

* VAT included.
 (1) For Buses and Shuttles, the allowance is 30 minutes, then rate falls is relevant published rates.

  • Customer is free to leave Kiss & Fly Departures parking area in 10 minutes free time without verification of parking card.
  • After exceeding 10 minutes free time, the staying time will be calculated from the time of entry, including the first 10 minutes of stay.
  • This ticket is valid 10 minutes after payment in order to enable you to move vehicle from Kiss & Fly parking lot.
  • Stated rates are actual parking prices, without promotional prices.
  • No Day tickets available.
  • Vehicles waiting and being parked on the Kiss & Fly Departures curb front parking area must be attended all the time. Curbside long term waiting of more than 60 minutes is prohibited at the Airport. In case of exceeding 60 minutes of allowed stay time, the charges will be applied in the amount of 150 HRK (this will include allowed stay time rates up to 60 minutes).
  • In case the parking card is lost, a charge of 800 Kunas, non reimbursable, will be applied.
  • Violators, any unattended vehicles, will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense. For this reason, when waiting for an arriving passenger we encourage you to utilize the Terminal/Public car park.


Invoice R-1 is issued ONLY by identifying yourself and showing your parking ticket upon payment AT THE PARKING PAYMENT DESK IN THE PASSENGER TERMINAL ARRIVALS (Ground Floor) and stating it in advance. Retroactive issuance of Invoice R1 is NOT POSSIBLE at all.