Which items are not permitted to be carried on board?
The law forbids carrying dangerous and prohibited items both in checked-in hold baggage, as well as in hand baggage. These items include: explosives, easily flammable liquids, radioactive materials and poisons, loaded weapons, compressed gas cylinders, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidising matters.

For more information on what is not permitted on board please refer to our web site section Baggage Check-In.
Do you have a baggage storage at the airport?
The airport does not have this service available.
The laws and bylaws of the Republic of Croatia which regulate protection of air traffic, for security reasons do not permit having area for temporary or long-term baggage storage at the airports.
Does Franjo Tuđman Airport provide an airport baggage wrapping service to passengers?
Baggage wrapping service is available and located within the Passenger Terminal Departures, crosswise the check-in section, Level 2. In this way, by wrapping baggage with special plastic foil you can protect your personal belongings from damage and thus avoid most problems with baggage during transport. The price of this service is 10 €.
I am wondering is it possible to check- in baggage from the USA to go directly to Split, or do I have to get my baggage to Zagreb and re-check-in for the Croatia Airlines flight?
Although you do travel from the USA, you can check-in baggage from the USA to go directly to Split. It is recommended that you insist on baggage check-in all the way to the final destination.
Bulky items
If you are checking in a bulky items (musical instruments, surfboards, diving equipment, golf clubs, bicycles, etc.), allow an additional time so that the item can be safely and securely handed over to the Baggage staff. All bulky items has to be packed appropriately to avoid damage and meet the size and weight restrictions of the airline. Baggage allowances and policies can vary by airline, so please refer to their websites or contact them directly.