Baggage Check-In

Register your baggage at the check-in counter!

Ensure that your Check-In goes smoothly 

  • Check with your airline about allowed weight of baggage items
  • Remove old tags from your baggage
  • Put label with your name and destination address on your baggage
  • Carry your valuables items and medications in your hand baggage

We advise you to pack in hold baggage the items you do not need on flight, including liquids, gels, color sprays, etc.
All fluids, pastes, creams, various cosmetic or medicine sprays are allowed to be carried into aircraft cabin, only if packed in containers up to 100 ml, not more, and put in transparent bags of 1 liter. Transparent bags must be resalable. If you do not such bag, ask check-in officers where you can purchase it.  

Baby food and medicines which you must have with you all the time are allowed to be carried into the aircraft cabin. In order to speed up the procedure of security screening please prepare proof of your needs of the same (medicine documentation, doctor receipts, etc.). 

All liquids bought in shops on airports outside EU or within EU but before the first point of Boarding Pass control - are subject to restrictions. Therefore we recommend that you put them into your hold baggage. The liquids bought on EU airport after the first check of Boarding Pass – you may carry on board, under condition that you bought it and packed in a specially sealed transparent bag with appropriate proof of date of shopping on the day of travel. It is in your interest not to open this bag before passing through security screening point at the airport on which you transfer for the last time on that travel. If you travel by direct flight, please do not open this bag before take-off. 


Dangerous goods

Check if you have any prohibited items in your baggage  
Some items are prohibited to be carried on board. In order to facilitate and speed up the security screening procedure, please put such items in hold baggage which you submit on check-in counter for flight. Some of prohibited items are: pistols, guns, their replicas, imitations, gun toys, knives, scissors, various sports bats, inflammable explosive substances, gas containers in big quantities, fishing rods, playing instruments with wires.  For your easier travelling, or if in doubt, please ask at check-in counter whether the items you wish to take with you are allowed on board. 

In addition, we would like to inform you that certain items are not allowed to be transported either in aircraft hold or cabin. Therefore any explosives, munition, flammable liquids, fireworks, pyrotechnics, petroleum, gas bottles, radioactive, corrosive or poisonous substances, tear gas, mace, or similar chemical gases or substances – are strictly forbidden to carry on board in any way. In case you intend to transport a gun or other weapon, inform check-in personnel about it.