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Permission to Film / Photograph

Filming /photography at the airport?
Filming, Videography and Photoshoots

Filming at busy international airports provides logistical and security challenges which means that whilst we will be accommodating, sometimes it will simply not be possible to facilitate non-essential filming and photography requests:
  • All filming and photography within the airport require a permit.
  • Security will remove anyone filming and photographing for commercial purposes without this permission.
  • Requests are considered on individual basis.
  • All commercial filming, videography and photography requests must be reviewed and approved by International Zagreb Airport Jsc. (MZLZ) prior to planned filming/photoshoot at the location. A minimum of three weeks is required for this process.
  • Unfortunately, it is not usually possible to allow student filming, videography and photoshoots at the airport.
In general, a request must be made in advance, at least two (2) working days for news coverage and three (3) weeks for commercial filming/videography/photoshoot prior to desired date.
To apply for permission to film or take photographs at Zagreb Airport you must write an e-mail to one of the addresses below:
  • for all Non-commercial filming/videography/photoshoot requests located at MZLZ premises (i.e. news coverage and reporting);
  • for all Commercial filming/videography and photoshoot enquiries.

Commercial Filming, Videography and Photoshoots

Please note that a minimum of 1.500 € Airport Use and Camera Fee is charged for each day of commercial filming, videography and/or photography anywhere on the Airport property. Price is stated without VAT.
Additional charges will accrue for such services as specialized personnel assistance and vehicle parking. Price List available upon request.

Please note that completion of the Application does not necessarily guarantee that a permit will be issued.

We also have broadcast-quality library footage of our airport.
Video/photo library is available for use. There may be a charge, depending on usage.

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