Permission to Film / Photograph

Filming /photography at the airport?
Filming at busy international airports provides logistical and security challenges which means that whilst we will be accommodating, sometimes it will simply not be possible to facilitate non-essential filming and photography requests:
  • All filming and photography within the airport requires a permit
  • Requests are considered on individual basis
  • Minimum 1 million Euro Public Liability Insurance is required
  • Unfortunately it is not usually possible to allow student filming and photographing at the airport

In general, a request must be made in advance, at least two (2) working days for news coverage and fourteen (14) working days for commercial filming/photographing prior to desired date. To apply for permission to film or take photographs at Franjo Tuđman Airport you must write an e-mail to one of the addresses below, and supply the following information:
  • Date of filming/photographing
  • Time/duration
  • Company representing (main contact person name and full contact details, including cell phone and e-mail)
  • Crew size/equipment
  • Purpose of filming
  • Areas seeking permission to be filmed/photographed
  • Confirmation that you have obtained 1 million Euros public liability insurance policy
  • Your contact details
  • Invoicing details (name of the company/agency, OIB/International VAT number, address, official representative…)

Please note: Security will remove anyone filming and photographing without this permission.

For security and safety reasons, we do not permit use of camera tracks or cables for cameras and lighting.

Lighting should be battery-powered with a power rating of less than 200 W.

Filming or photo shooting related to news coverage and reporting (both film, radio and television) as well as films produced on behalf of airlines exclusively for advertising and training purposes are free of charge.

News coverage (non-commercial) purposes:

Before arriving at the airport you must contact
Email: or call the press office on
Tel: +385 (1) 4562 611 
       +385 (1) 4562 548

Commercial filming/photographing:

For all commercial filming and photographs enquiries please send e-mail to:

If you have any questions regarding commercial filming and photographying or require further guidance please call on telephone number
+385 (1) 4562 330 or

Please note: If your project is approved for commercial filming or photographing, you will be required to submit risk assessment and method statement.

We also have broadcast-quality library footage of our airport Video/photo library is available for use. There may be a charge, depending on usage.

Photographing and filming for commercial purposes will be charged (according to hours). Additional costs for accompanying personnel, vehicles, etc. will be charged separately.

Please note that a minimum of 1.500 € is charged for commercial filming, videography and photography anywhere on airport property. Price is stated without VAT. All commercial filming, videography and photography requests must be reviewed and approved by International Zagreb Airport Jsc. (MZLZ).

Once the project is approved for commercial filming or photographing, seven (7) days prior to filming or photo shooting, you will be required to send us fully filled in Applications for Access to Zagreb Airport Restricted Areas, scanned copies of all individuals ID documents (involved ih the project at the airport), as well as license plate numbers color and types of all vehicles to be used. These are to be sent to the following e-mail addresses: and

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