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EV Charging Solutions

B2B Exclusive EV Charging Solutions (landside)
In our aim to become a carbon neutral company and to accommodate the growing needs of our electric vehicle (EV) driving customers and business partners we support clean transportation by offering reliable and convenient EV charging solution.
Why not take advantage of utility and government EV incentives and rebates, eventually boosting your revenue.
Two (2) types of airport EV charging stations are available onsite the airport:
Standard AC Charging at B2B car park
ZAG B2B car park users who drive their EVs to the airport and park in the B2B parking lot can leave their  car charging and return to a fully charged car. Airport employees who drive electric can also leave their cars charging for several hours.
Charging can be done over the course of multiple hours with 11 kW AC power EV charger. Two (2) 11 kW AC power EV chargers are available at the location occupying 2 parking spaces.
Fast charging (DC) at Rent-a-car car park and General Aviation Terminal
Two fast EV charging stations with 120 kW DC power that fully charge an EV in the span of 0,5 to 2 hours are available exclusively for Rent-a-car car park clients. The EV chargers occupy 4 parking spaces in total.
Likewise, a 20 kW DC power EV charger occupying a single parking space and 3 EV chargers with 11 kW AC power occupying 3 parking spaces are available landside in front of the General Aviation Terminal.
How to charge your electric car
  1. Plug in the charging cable
  2. Sign in (with a mobile app, RFID card or QR code for direct payments with credit card)
  3. Charge
Airport B2B customers tariff for EV charging are combination of time and kWh-based tariff.
A charging fee based on time-and energy consumption will be charged. Scan the QR code from the charger to the following page: where the charging price (EUR/kWh) is defined for the charging point. 
Check the roaming and subscription price with your service provider.
Our EV chargers offer roaming. EV drivers can charge outside of their charging service provider’s network. EV roaming is a part of Hubject standard charging solution, and it opens ZAG’s EV chargers to a wide range of EV drivers.
Payment options (direct payment with a credit card using the QR code, subscription or roaming )
Location The B2B users have a total of 8 EV charging points available at 3 different locations. Map of EV charging stations at ZAG airport can be found here.
General Terms & Conditions
Please note that electric vehicle charging spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. EV charging stations are intended for charging electric cars. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to charge a trailer or a camper.
EV parking spots for electric vehicles cannot be reserved in advance. Zagreb Airport cannot guarantee a free parking spot for electric vehicles.
Zagreb Airport is not responsible for any charging cables left at the stations.
B2B car park areas have a ground clearance of 2.5 m in width. Parking area is an outdoor parking area, and so has no height restrictions.
Terms & Conditions for Car Parks and Kiss & Fly zone at Franjo Tuđman Airport apply.
How is B2B parking price determined?
Additional information
More information can be found from service provider ZIPER EV CHARGING d.o.o.  tel. +385 1 700 2222 (24/7).