Cargo & Forwarding


Cargo and mail handling

Franjo Tuđman Airport is registered IATA cargo agent providing wide range of services in handling of goods and mail, which possesses and manages own customs bonded warehouse. Our contacts with foreign carriers and airports guarantee tracing of each shipment of goods and mail in the world. We are able to accept, store, and process the usual shipments and all types of special shipments (PER, AVI, HEA, DGR, VAL etc.). 

  • Cargo and mail handling
  • Issuing of documents for cargo and mail
  • International forwarding and customs clearance
  • Handling of special shipments
  • Warehouse in domestic / international traffic
  • X-ray system for check of goods/mail
  • Delivery of goods

Contents and equipment
  • offices (issuing of documents, shipment manifests, operative jobs, customs service, etc.)
  • warehouse of surface 2160 m2 (export – 500 m2; import – 1200 m2; domestic – 460 m2)
  • electrical high forklifts (strength up to 1500 kg)
  • diesel forklifts (strength from 3500 kg to 7000 kg)
  • safe (volume 44 m3)
  • cooling chambers (the first from 0°C to +8°C with volume of 33 m3, and the second from 0°C to +8°C and volume of 36 m3 )
  • chambers for deep freezing (from -20°C and volume of 22 m3)
  • chambers for dangerous goods (DGR)
  • chambers for radio-active material (RAR)
  • room for live animals (AVI)
  • room for diplomatic mail (DIP)
  • room for (mortal) remains (HUM)
  • dollies for packages
  • X-ray check system (little up to 200 kg and big up to 1200 kg)
  • video-cameras
  • scales  (strength from 10 kg to 10 t)

Logistics Services

Provision of expert legal and other advice on transport and customs clearance for your parcels as well as in the field of foreign trade and foreign exchange dealings for users of our services – legal and natural persons
  • A modern parcel track-and-trace system
  • Insurance for transported parcels in accordance with your needs
  • Arrangement of transport by air, road and sea
  • Arrangement of charter air transport for special shipments
  • Parcel storage and delivery in the area of the Zagrebacka County

Customs Broking

You can appoint an authorized representative to represent you in the customs and administrative procedure and authorize the mentioned representative to take all or some actions in the procedure carried out by the Customs Administration. In view of the complexity of the customs clearance procedure in general, especially as regards filling out the customs declaration and submitting the pertaining documents, the required familiarity with numerous regulations applicable to customs proceedings and the responsibility arising from the submission of the customs declaration, the right to submit customs declarations should only be bestowed upon persons who comply with conditions provided for in the Act on the Requirements for the Practice of Customs Brokerage.

Export and import parcel customs clearance provided within 24 hours upon arrival at the regular price at the Customs Branch Office in Zagreb.