Why to advertise at Franjo Tuđman Airport?
Airports have always been places of special atmosphere, the places where people usually get their first impressions of countries they visit. Their reasons for traveling are different. The airport, its location and function, is a rare crossroad of businessmen, tourists, adventurers, academics, common and always most  dynamic people.
They offer unique opportunity to engage the senses across the airport environment, helping brands to capitalize on Franjo Tuđman Airport in peak time to create memorable experiences for passengers in their relaxed environments.

Advertising at Franjo Tuđman Airport provides an interesting audience spectre of domestic and international travelers, reaching  over 3 million of passengers annually, and at least a double number of non-travelers who have a variety of reasons why they go to the airport. Many of them visit an airport in order to meet, welcome or see off other travellers, to shop, to enjoy dining, see aircraft fleet, or participate in various educational field trips. The number of passengers and non-travelers increases every year.

Therefore the possibility of advertising at Franjo Tuđman Airport will bring your message closer to a specific group of consumers - the airport audience.

The Airport Audience may: 
  • be very educated
  • be very mobile
  • be frequent flying businessmen and business decision makers
  • be buyers of fancy goods, Duty Free spenders and leisure/holiday travelers
  • like sport and be active sportsmen
  • be aware of fashion, determine fashion styles
  • technically educated, owners of small to medium sized businesses
  • be young

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