Zagreb Airport Firefighting and rescue unit demonstrated the response procedure in emergency situations and opened renovated premises

On Zagreb Airport airside, on the west apron ​​the newly renovated station of the Firefighting and rescue unit was opened today, a modern equipped space for the stay and training of firefighters, which are on duty 24/7.
Zagreb Airport Firefighting and rescue unit demonstrated the reaction procedure in emergency situations, their modern equipment and processes that need to be complied with requirements.

The organizational structure of the unit described by Tomislav Harnoš, The commander, who pointed out: "Zagreb Airport Firefighting and rescue unit has a total of 40 professional firefighters, 5 of whom are women. We are all trained and certified according to current international regulations and equipped with the most modern firefighting equipment. We maintain our readiness to react in the event of an emergency through regular trainings and we are obliged to reach the farthest point on the maneuvering area of ​​the airport within 3 minutes of the announcement of emergency.”

The rescue and fire service is an indispensable part of every airport, and in the case of unwanted, emergency situations, they are the first one to be called and go to the position. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure adequate working conditions, to comply with requirements.

This was also emphasized by Nicholas Duthilleul, Chief Operating Officer and MZLZ Board Member, saying: "Airport firefighters have to attend emergencies at short notice, so being constantly ready is crucial. The efficiency of the airport's fire and rescue service depends on the equipment and working conditions. Therefore, it is the task and responsibility of the airport management to ensure it. We are happy to open today a renovated firefighting and rescue working premises which will suit their needs and standards, and to present you and public a part of their emergency response. In this area will be situated the colleagues from the wildlife control department and air side safety controllers. We also want to point that we are the only airport in the Republic of Croatia, which has 5 woman colleagues, professional firefighters.”