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New marking and signage on the Franjo Tuđman Airport manoeuvring area

The International Zagreb Airport has modified the markings and signs on the manoeuvring area starting from today, Feb 27, based on a request by the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency regarding the change in magnetic declination.

Magnetic declination is the angle between the magnetic and the geographical meridian. Due to the change in magnetic declination, which occurs on a daily basis, and for aviation it changes and announces every five years, the runway's magnetic directions also change. Change of runway markings occurs when, due to a change in magnetic declination, the value of the track's magnetic bearing affects the rounded track marking number. The change in magnetic declination and runway magnetic direction is coordinated across all navigation instruments used in aviation.

Magnetic declination modification is a multidisciplinary project involving all international airports in Croatia, certified or approved airports, aircraft operators, general aviation, Ministry of Defence, and regulatory monitoring by the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency.

Due to this change, the International Zagreb Airport was obliged to change the threshold designation markings (start and end of the runway), information signs and mandatory instruction signs. In total, there were 32 signs and 2 markings on the manoeuvring areas of the airport, all of which needed to be changed in one night.

It was also necessary to change runway's direction markings for the Croatian Aviation Control Tower and associated substations, and to update airport nautical charts and textual information in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP).

This demanding job, which has been in preparation since the beginning of 2019, included experts from various airport services and profiles - development service, electricity maintenance, airport activities, construction maintenance, traffic coordination - and all in constant coordination and under the supervision of Croatian Air Traffic Control staff.

All of the above was changed in one night and starting from today, February 27, 2020, the application of new aeronautical charts and AIP data has been put into effect and everything is aligned with the navigation instruments for the new runway direction, which has new markings 04/22 instead of the previous 05/23.