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New behaviour measures at the terminal

Following the decisions and instructions of public health and regulatory authorities, the airport has implemented certain behaviour measures within the passenger terminal, in order to protect the health of passengers and employees. The employees who come into direct contact with passengers and luggage are equipped with appropriate protective equipment, the passenger terminal is disinfected daily and enhanced hygiene measures are implemented. It is obligatory to maintain the social distance through the entire passenger flow, and transparent protection is placed at the counters. Passengers should come with protective masks or face covers and use them throughout their stay at the passenger terminal.

To make it easier to prepare for travel in these new conditions, we advise passengers to check the most frequently asked questions and answers related to services and new health protection measures before arriving to the airport. Questions and answers can be found here

The health of our employees and passengers is our number one priority, so we invite you to adapt to the new behaviour measures during your stay in the passenger terminal in order to enable safe travel and preserve your health.