MZLZ Ground Handling Services Ltd. Have extended the ISAGO certificate – the IATA ISAGO program for quality and safety in providing ground services at Zagreb Airport

MZLZ Ground Handling Services Ltd., provider of services for aircraft, passengers, cargo and baggage handling at the Zagreb Airport, was the first provider of ground handling services in Croatia certified by the International Air Transport Association - IATA according to the ISAGO program (Safety Audit for Ground Operations) in 2019.

In the new assessment of quality standards, the company MZLZ Ground Handling Services Ltd have extended the ISAGO Certificate for the period till November 2023.

The ISAGO Certificate confirms that the company MZLZ Ground Handling Services Ltd. performs ground operations services at Zagreb Airport according to the highest standards of quality and safety, prescribed by IATA in various disciplines of ground services: Organization and Management (ORM), Load Control (LOD), Aircraft Handling and Loading (HDL), Aircraft Ground Movement (AGM), Cargo and Mail Handling (CGM), Passenger and Baggage Handling (PAB).

"We are extremely proud that our efforts to sustain safe operations and increase the quality of daily service provision at Zagreb Airport have been recognized and that our company have extended the ISAGO certificate till November 2023. We consider this a significant achievement, and at the same time an obligation to continue to work on improving the quality of our services to all our customers. "- said Mutlu Baskan, CEO of MZLZ Ground Handling Services Ltd.