Franjo Tuđman Airport announces the millionth passenger - earlier than ever

Zagreb, May 17 2018 - Franjo Tuđman Airport recorded a millionth passenger this year, and it occurred earlier than ever before in the history of Zagreb International Airport, 13 days earlier than last year. A millionth passenger Ms Višnja Mrazovac was traveling via Emirates airline from Zagreb to Dubai.

"The system registered this year's millionth passenger on a flight to Dubai, with which we are especially pleased because Emirates, from its arrival in June last year directly contributed to the continuous increase in the traffic that Zagreb Airport has since the opening of the new terminal", said Huseyin Bahadir Bedir, Board Member of the Zagreb International Airport, pointing out how since the launch, they have achieved record numbers in the new infrastructure: passenger and cargo traffic, the arrival of new airlines, new lines and destinations, and outstanding results in passenger satisfaction surveys.

In the segment of passenger traffic, since the opening of the new passenger terminal, Franjo Tuđman Airport recorded continues growth, and this trend continued in 2018, with a cumulative increase of 11% of passenger traffic. Positive traffic results are followed by positive results in passenger satisfaction surveys related to airport services. Franjo Tuđman Airport has, in the regular global survey of Airport Service Quality (ASQ) conducted by the International Association of Airports ACI (Airport Council International - World) won the award in the category of Airport with the largest service improvement in 2017 in Europe - Most Improved Airport in Europe.

"Emirates is delighted with the response received from Croatian passengers since launching its scheduled service from Dubai last June. During this time Croatians have travelled not just to Dubai, but beyond to our extensive network of enticing destinations in Asia, Australia and Africa”, said Martin Gross, Emirates’ Country Manager for Croatia. “Our support for Franjo Tuđman Airport on this special occasion of the achievement of the millionth passenger reflects our continued commitment to the Croatian market.”

„I did not really expect this, I'm really surprised. I just read yesterday that Franjo Tuđman Airport was expecting a millionth passenger, but I could not even imagine that it would be me. We often travel with the Emirates, and we can't wait to use these tickets. We will also do the shopping at Aelia Dutyfree shop right away," said Višnja Mrazovac this year's millionth passenger.

One millionth passenger Ms Višnja Mrazovac was, together with congratulations, presented with gifts, so he received a gift certificate by Franjo Tuđman Airport and Aelia Dutyfree and Emirates airline awarded him with two airline tickets to Dubai. The gifts were presented by Huseyin Bahadir Bedir, Board Member of the Zagreb International Airport and Predrag Popovic, representative of the Emirates airline in Croatia.