Exercises for the passengers

Because of numerous obligations and the hectic way of life, we often forget about ourselves and our health, and this particularly comes to light in stressful situations such as preparing for travelling. In order to relax our passengers and prepare them for several hours of sitting down aboard a plane, we organized exercises at the passenger terminal with Klara Benko, a coach and healthy lifestyle promotor. For our passengers, she prepared exercises which can be done just before the flight in the departures area, but are enough to relax them and prepare them for their flight. 

Yoga, which is beneficial for the mind and body, is highly appreciated for its ability to decrease stress levels, induce good mood, along with providing numerous physical health benefits. The aim of this ancient eastern discipline is to achieve harmony between the mind, the soul and the body through meditation, posture and breathing techniques.

Coach Klara stressed the importance of relaxing before the flight and she taught the passengers to do good for their body by doing only the minimal movements. After the initial surprise, the passengers were eager to accept the offered exercises and advice and went off to their flights with smiles on their faces.