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Cooperation between City of Velika Gorica and Zagreb Airport on the city greening project

Cooperation between the City of Velika Gorica and Zagreb Airport on the project of "Forest management in urban areas" was presented today in the yard of the Eugen Kumičić Elementary School. In the National Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia until 2030, the development of green infrastructure in urban areas and the creation of green cities are one of the priorities for the implementation of public policy in the field of sustainable environment. The City of Velika Gorica has launched a project to green the city as one of the measures to reduce ground ozone and thus increase air quality, awareness of residents about the need to increase green space in the city and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Zagreb Airport also joined the implementation of the city's greening project by donating 153 tree seedlings for planting the first urban forests in ​​Velika Gorica. Urban forests are planted in the yards of primary schools: Eugen Kumičić, Eugen Kvaternik, Juraj Habdelić and Nikola Hribar. School children participated in the planting process with the help of Poljo-prom d.o.o., VG Komunalac d.o.o., while the planting plan was prepared by Urbani šumari d.o.o. who also coordinated the planting process.

"Zagreb Airport, as one of the largest business entities in the City of Velika Gorica, pays great attention to the segment of corporate social responsibility through cooperation on various projects with the local community. We have significant cooperation on sustainable environmental projects, nurturing our common commitment to a sustainable future. By including the Zagreb Airport in the project of greening schoolyards in ​​Velika Gorica, we wanted to support the activities of school children as builders of a green future and contribute to preserving air quality in our common environment. "- said Huseyin Bahadir Bedir, Zagreb Airport CEO.

The City of Velika Gorica thanks the Zagreb Airport and all other entities, and especially the children, teachers and parents who participated in this project. We hope that such projects will become a tradition, which every year, in cooperation with various stakeholders, will carry out activities aimed at a common commitment to combating climate change, and for the benefit of the entire local community.