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Agreement signed on cooperation between International Zagreb Airport and City of Velika Gorica

Mayor of Velika Gorica, Krešimir Ačkar, and Management Board of International Zagreb Airport (MZLZ), Huseyin Bahadir Bedir, President of the Management Board and David Gabelica, Member of the Management Board, today signed an Agreement on cooperation in projects related to environmental protection which are of common interest to both parties. The agreement sets goals for building long-term trust and a sustainable and responsible future, as well as future development efforts in projects aimed at reducing noise exposure, improving air quality, and projects of general interest aimed at education, development and innovation.

"Zagreb Airport and City of Velika Gorica have been connected for many years in different segments - business, social and environmental. We are referred to each other and in a way we dependent on each other. The community depends on stable corporations, and corporations on the overall social and environmental stability of the communities in which they operate. We will continue with striving to be an example of trust and joint effort in building a sustainable future and corporate social responsibility. Therefore we are looking forward to today's signing of the Agreement with the City of Velika Gorica, which defines it."- said Huseyin Bahadir Bedir, CEO of Zagreb International Airport.

"The coexistence of MZLZ and the City of Velika Gorica, in whose administrative area it is located, is expressed in various aspects. From schooling (since the Aeronautical Technical School "Rudolf Perešin" is in the vicinity, the only such high school in Croatia), to traffic and tourism. The agreement envisages active participation in projects related to environmental issues, which are of common interest, such as projects aimed at improving air quality, increasing energy efficiency, reducing noise exposure, digital connectivity and green infrastructure projects. Since the balanced and sustainable development of airport activities has a direct impact on creating added value in different segments of local community life, good relations and a shared vision of the future, as well as better availability of data to the local community, the City of Velika Gorica and MZLZ signed an Agreement in order to achieve long-term cooperation which is of great interest to the citizens of Velika Gorica” - said Krešimir Ačkar, Mayor of the City of Velika Gorica.