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For VIP Fast Track Service, or other VIP services rates, quotes or contract please do send your inquiry to MZLZ Commercial & Marketing Division.

Diplomatic Missions and Consular Offices to Croatia, Diplomatic Missions and Consular Offices of Croatia, Croatian Institutions or Government rates, quotes, bookings or contracting options, available upon inquiry.

For bookings, please provide passenger name(s), flight and invoicing details (company name, address, OIB or International VAT number, and key contact person details – phone/e-mail).

During standard working hours (Monday-Friday 08.00am to 03.00pm Zagreb Local Time) please contact:

Tel: +385 1 4562 111

Outside above mentioned standard working hours as well as on weekends and Holidays, to:

Airport Duty Manager's Contacts:  
Email: and cc to
Tel: +385 1 4562 033