Disinfection measures for Covid – 19 at ZAG airport

In order to meet high hygienic requirements against COVID-19, Airport Operator has increased frequency of cleaning with disinfectant on the base of Sodium hypochlorite suitable for disinfection of non-health facilities (according to European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.) In addition, professional disinfection is contracted for outstanding situations of COVID-19 suspected passenger at the terminal.

Every hour cleaning
  • Lavatory facilities - including doorknobs, water release button on the kettle


After every peak hour and minimum four times per day cleaning
  • Doorknobs in terminal
  • Handrails
  • Elevators
  • Trays holders and tables for trays rollers
  • Security check carpets - vacuum c
  • Desks and chairs for passenger’s usage after security check
  • Information desk
  • All floors and staircases
  • Benches on gates


After every peak hour cleaning
  • Check-in counters
  • Preboarding desk
  • Sanitary inspection desk
  • Police booths - outside surface in contact with passengers
  • after every boarding cleaning Desks on boarding gates
  • Customs desk


Every four hours
  • Smoking cabins


After every boarding and deboarding when possible, or after a sequence of boardings and deboardings at the same gate during peak hour cleaning of:
  • boarding desk on gates
  • PBB handrails
  • FLB handrails
  • FLB evacuation stairs handrails (when used)


After every peak hour and after every recycling cleaning of trolleys parked in dedicated trolleys parking stands:
  • Handrails on trolleys for passenger’s luggage
  • Baby trolleys (20)


After every usage cleaning of:
  • Wheelchairs
  • Trays on passenger’s security check


After every flight cleaning:
  • Self-check-in


Once during night cleaning
  • Rent a car


Professional disinfection is organised in case of COVID-19 suspected passenger at the terminal. Disinfection is done partly for passenger flow or the whole terminal, it is performed by a contracted authorized company. 
Professional disinfection is mandatory for quarantine area and airport ambulance vehicle after leave of COVID-19 suspected passenger.

Special bins for medical waste are provided at terminal offices and on passenger flow for PPE disposal.