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Health safety measures for travellers

Dear passengers, we care about your safety. Please, take care of yourself and others by respecting our measures.

Information regarding the conditions of entry into the Republic of Croatia - on the link. In order to facilitate your entry and stay in Croatia, we kindly ask you to fill out the form

General messages
  • Wear medical face masks, ensure their correct use and disposal and replace them every 4 hours (unless instructions say otherwise)
  • Maintain physical distancing of at least 1.5 meters
  • Wash hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or, where not available, use alcohol-based hand sanitising solutions
  • Cover the mouth and nose with a tissue or flexed elbow when sneezing or coughing
  • Limit direct contact with surfaces and people

Before leaving for the airport
  • Don't travel to the airport if you:
  • have been diagnosed with COVID-19 at any time during the 14 days prior to your flight
  • have had any of the COVID-19 relevant symptoms (fever, newly developed cough, loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath) at any time during the 8 days prior to your flight
  • have been in close contact (e.g. less than 2 meters for more than 15 minutes) with a person who has COVID-19 in the 14-day prior your flight
  • Read the health safety promotion material form of your airline and check their web site before traveling
  • Check if you have enough medical face masks and sanitising gel for your journey
  • Ensure you leave enough time for your journey including checks at the airport
  • Try to do web check-in before flight

At the airport
  • Respect physical barriers and signs indicating distancing requirements
  • Wear a face mask, and expect to be denied boarding if you do not wear one
  • Be kind to each other – it's the only way we will get through this

Dear passengers, we highly recommend that you contact the airline you are traveling with for any information and updates on your flight status and the latest travel instructions. You can find the contact info of the airlines operating at Franjo Tuđman Airport at the following link

Furthermore, you can find a link to FAQ regarding the conditions of entry into the Republic of Croatia published by the Government of Republic of Croatia at the below link:

Recommended preventive measures at the airport

What preventive measures have been taken at Franjo Tuđman Airport to prevent the spread of coronavirus?
In order to prepare for the gradual return of traffic, the airport has taken a number of measures that address passengers and employees. These measures include all retail, Food & Beverage, currency exchange, ticketing, parking and rent-a-car services and facilities. With the increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection of passenger terminal, whereby escalators, handrails, chairs, tables, counters, toilets, ventilation systems, POS devices, lifts and floors are cleaned more often, it is mandatory to maintain social distance between employees and passengers by means of signage and wearing protective masks for passengers and employees. The redistribution of seating in the waiting room was carried out following the measures of recommended social distance. Posters and displays on recommended hygiene measures and procedures for passengers were installed throughout the terminal, automatic sound announcement and video announcements were introduced on screen as a reminder for maintaining distance and hand washing/disinfection; contactless disinfection dispensers were installed at specific critical points of the passenger terminal, and transparent protection was installed on the counters.
Am I required to wear a protective face mask in the passenger terminal?
Please wear a protective face mask during your stay in the passenger terminal.
Is there any limit in the amount or size of disinfectant packaging I can take in an aircraft?
In the aircraft, in hand luggage, you can take a disinfectant that must not contain more than 70% alcohol in a maximum amount of 2l per passenger, in individual packages not exceeding 1/2l (i.e. max 4 x 1/2l disinfectant)

Procedure before boarding

Does an airplane travel require additional (official) confirmation?
The airport does not require any additional confirmation when making a flight check-in. In order to check-in for a flight, you need a valid airline ticket and the necessary travel documents. For any additional information, we suggest you contacting the airline you are planning your flight with. Find the contacts of airlines operating at Franjo Tuđman Airport at the following link:
Are there any check-in changes considering the current COVID-19 situation?
To avoid the hassle of checking in for your flight, we recommend that you make the online check-in for your flight at your home. While paying for services at the passenger terminal, we recommend using the contactless payment option instead of cash payment.
How much earlier do I need to arrive at the airport given the departure time?
Always plan your arrival at the airport no later than two hours before your scheduled flight to give yourself plenty of time for registration and baggage check-in procedures as well as to clear security.
What should I pay attention to if I have a flight from Franjo Tuđman Airport today?
If you have a scheduled flight from Franjo Tuđman Airport today, we advise you to check the status of the flight directly with your airline to make sure that there have not been any cancellations or changes to your itinerary.
What are the Security check procedures and recommendations in current circumstances?
Despite the increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all security check points, we advise passenger when going through Security check, avoid using the shared-use bins by storing your items in carry-on luggage, purses or other bags, and sending it through the x-ray machine. Store loose belongings such as a phone or wallet in a bag to avoid germs but also to spend as little time in the security screening area as possible. The screener may not require the passengers or other persons being screened to remove their masks or gloves. We advise passengers to have as less as possible hand luggage in order to simplify security procedure and reduce risks.
How is seating in an aircraft organized considering the current COVID-19 situation?
The arrangement of passengers in an aircraft depends on the internal rules and guidelines of each air carrier, in accordance with the recommendations of the competent services. For any additional information we suggest contacting the airline directly. Find the contacts of the airlines operating at Franjo Tuđman Airport at the following link:

Procedure after landing at Franjo Tuđman Airport

What is the procedure when landing at Franjo Tuđman Airport? Do incoming travelers need to take self-isolation/go to quarantine?
The Border Control, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, have the necessary information for passengers arriving/departing from countries where a contagion has been reported. The airport itself is unable to determine any actions in order to prevent possible spread of the virus on its own. More information, as well as the latest information and recommendations for travelers, can be found on the Croatian Public Health Institute’s website.

Services & Facilities at Franjo Tuđman Airport Zagreb

What are the arrival/departure options at Franjo Tuđman Airport at this time?
You can get to/from the airport by car, airport shuttle, taxi and ZET public transport. Find more information at the following link:
Have the parking conditions or prices at Franjo Tuđman Airport been changed considering the current COVID-19 situation?
All parking conditions at the airport remain in effect. More info on the link
Is a rent-a-car service available?
Rent-a-car services are available on the ground floor of the passenger terminal - Arrivals
When will additional routes be introduced, i.e. when will Zagreb connect with more destinations?
We are working intensively to establish as many lines as possible as soon as possible, and we will publish all the news on our communication channels (website and social media channels).
May I use smoking cabins in the passenger terminal?
Smoking cabins are available and open in International Departures, 2nd Floor, next to Duty Free Shop and departure gates 26, 27 & 28. Pending scheduled flight departures time table.