Departures - After Security Control
"Spread" captures the vibrant, eclectic nature of global street food, with the screen print – style wordmark reflecting the artistic, exciting vibe.
Spread as a concept carries a multifaceted meaning. It relates to audiences ideas of an impressively large meal -one that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed. In another context it offers sense of place, it can also mean a large tract of land and wealth, and allows us to tailor the concept to the location.
This open walk -through market concept offers a variety of delicious made-to -order food items such as oven baked pizzas, hamburgers, freshly grilled meats & veggies as well as many prepared grab & go options like salads and sandwiches for customers to choose from.
As customers navigate through the space, they are able to choose from an array of colorful ingredients on display which will then be specially prepared into a dish just for them. Complementing the many hot items on offer will be a fresh squeezed juice/smoothie bar, and a ice-cream counter serving up a range of flavours.
Spread aims to carry all street flavors under one roof in the airport and present them in a clean and vibrant ambience.