Ground Handling

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Passenger and baggage handling

Franjo Tuđman Airport provides passenger and baggage handling services according to the specific requirements of each airline. We offer complete range of services from flight registration (check-in) to boarding the aircraft. 
  • flight registration (check-in)
  • issuance and classification of travel documents
  • passenger related notices
  • domestic and international transit
  • 100% baggage screening and reconciliation
  • passenger transportat to/from aircraft
  • boarding
  • lost baggage tracing
  • passenger and flight information
  • ground attendants
  • assistance for unacompanied minors and passengers with special needs
  • security check

Facilities and Equipment:
  • passenger terminal with transit area (check-in counters for transfer passengers)
  • check-in counters
  • CUTE platform with various DCS systems
  • X-ray baggage screening systems
  • weight-bridges (scales)
  • baggage carts
  • gates
  • apron buses
  • Business class lounge
  • lift mobile (PRM passengers)

Aircraft Handling

We are able to provide handling to all types of aircraft.
Ramp Services:
  • passenger, combi and freight aircraft handling
  • pallet and container aircraft handling
  • chocks for aircraft
  • aircraft safety clearance zone highlights
  • mobile safety strip setting
  • transportation of passenger stairs for boarding/unboarding of passengers
  • transportation of baggage, loading/unloading and transport to the place of issue
  • transportation and loading of cargo and mail / unloading and transport of cargo and mail to cargo warehouse
  • power supply
  • aircraft air-conditioning (cooling, heating, ventilating)
  • aircraft engine starting (air-start system)
  • aircraft potable water supply
  • aircraft toilet servicing (disposal of liquid waste, adding washer fluid and disinfection)
  • aircraft de/anti-icing
  • aircraft tow and pushback

Cabin Services:
  • complete cockpit and cabin cleaning
Facilities and Equipment:
  • hangar for equipment
  • Lower Deck (LD) pallet/container loaders - 3.5 t conveyors
  • Main Deck (MD) pallet/container loaders - 7 to 20 t
  • belt conveyors 7.5 and 9.0 m for loading/unloading 
  • LD rotating gantry (container) trolley
  • dolly trolley for ULDs (pallets and containers) - 10 ft and 20 ft
  • trolley for baggage and cargo
  • passenger stairs up to the threshold of 5.60 m ( MD)
  • power generator - 90 to 140 KVA (GPU)
  • air starters (ASU)
  • air conditioners – air heater
  • portable water vehicle
  • toilet service vehicle
  • de/anti-icing station (fixed tanks and installations for storing , heating and handling fluids for de/anti-icing)
  • de/anti-icing vehicles
  • air heater
  • towing tractors, tow bars and adapters for aircraft tow and pushback
  • towbarless pushback tractor