Check-in time

Passengers are advised to check-in not later than 120 minutes before scheduled time of departure on international services and not later than 90 minutes before the scheduled time of departure on domestic services.

We kindly ask the passengers to register on time in order to avoid possible delays.
During booking process and to ensure adequate services, it is necessary to emphasize certain passenger category, such as unaccompanied minors, persons with disabilities, persons in need of nursing care, a person traveling with a pet, etc.

Passengers are asked to check the air carrier restrictions on the amount and weight of hand and hold baggage.
Self Check- in

Names of air carriers which allow passengers self check-in are stated at Self Check-in Counters (Croatia Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Air France).
Identification can be done by name, electronic ticket number, passport, personal credit card or Frequent Flyer card .
It is desirable that passengers have only hand baggage, otherwise their hold baggage should be checked at Baggage Drop-off Counter.
Web Check- in

Web check-in saves your time.
Identification can be done by name, electronic ticket number, Frequent Flyer card or reservation code.
Web Check-in Conditions and Limitations may vary depending on the respective airlines.
Passengers who need to check their hold baggage can do it at Baggage Drop-off Counter.