Annual Reports

Zagreb International Airport, on the basis of signed Concession Agreement with the government of the Republic of Croatia, on 5 December 2013 takes over the management of Zagreb Airport and the construction project of new passenger terminal that would meet the most modern requests of service provision to passengers and airlines, and which is going to start with operation in year 2016. Our target in the near future is to improve and expand services in the existing terminal for all our users, and to ensure traffic growth and better connections of Zagreb and the world. Zagreb International Airport is Croatian company led by Aéroports de Paris Management in charge of management of Bouygues Bâtiment International further in charge of construction of the new passenger terminal. Other partners are Viadukt d.d. – Croatian construction company, IFC – International financial corporation which is part of the World Bank, Marguerite – European investment bank, and TAV – Turkish airport operator. 



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